Consultancy Services

Experience across a wide range of issues, including climate change, marine biodiversity, fisheries conservation, the Arctic and Antarctic, maritime policy, nuclear safety, security, and arms control, toxic pollution and clean production, fresh water management and sanitation, sustainable consumption, tobacco control, international governance, international trade, access to information and transparency.

The Varda Group provides a wide range of consultancy services

Campaign coordination and leadership: Designing and coordinating international campaigns, including coalition campaigns
Political campaigning and advocacy: Designing and leading campaigns which integrate public activities and targeted communication strategies with efforts behind the scenes to influence international law and policy. Representation and advocacy in political or other fora
Strategic and policy analysis on specific issues as well as cross sectoral and geopolitical challenges
Strategic planning and project design for campaigns and organizations: this may involve preparing plans for our clients, or leading an organization through a strategic planning process. We also do this in the form of training
Project evaluation: Including assessment and review of projects prior to funding, as well as analysis of successes and failures after completion
Meeting facilitation: we prepare and facilitate many types of meetings, ranging from large, formal governance meetings (board and executive level) to informal campaign or strategy meetings
Organization of public events or meetings, including chairing, facilitation and panel moderation, logistical preparations, and reporting
Organizational support, designing governance, operational and management structures, personnel recruitment, coaching and training
Public lectures and speeches on a range of topics
Organization of field expeditions for advocacy or documentation purposes
Organizational management, staff coaching, and conflict resolution
Policy analysis
Public speaking, panel moderation, speech writing
Communications and social media support
Event organization: from internal meetings to major public events

Current projects

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Consultations and drafting for the e-book Let's be Nice to the Ocean, in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (FPA2)


Participation in the Forum of the Sea in Bizerte, Tunisia, including presenting a preview of the Let's be Nice to the Ocean initiative


Drafting papers for PR3, the partnership for Reuse, Refill, Replace single use packaging by RESOLVE


Strategic paper and road map for the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco's Polar Mission

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