Rémi was interviewed by Agence France Presse during the WTO Ministerial Conference. June 2022

"One Earth" has published a great tribute to Kelly. March 2022



  • Rémi’s views on the current status of the WTO fisheries negotiations were widely solicited this month. Reuters, Mongabay, China Dialogue. December 2020
  • WATCH Rémi in the Spanish Government’s “Remember COP25” series. December 2020
  • Agence France Presse quotes Rémi in a new story on the WTO fisheries negotiations. November 2020
  • Barcelona’s leading newspaper La Vanguardia published a full backpage interview with Rémi. October 2020
  • Rémi had a long live interview on TV3 Catalan Television during his Barcelona visit (22 mn. in Spanish, with French accent). September 2020
  • Rémi is featured in the Friends of Ocean Action’s latest video, and quoted in a Reuters story. July 2020
  • China Dialogue’s latest story on WTO fisheries negotiations references a comment by Rémi on post-Covid19 aid packages environmental conditionalities. June 2020
  • El Periodico (Barcelona) “Byzness” pages published an interview with Rémi about the Sustainable Development Goals and the ocean (in Spanish). March 2020
  • In BBC’s Witness History, Kelly remembers the campaign that led to the protection of the Antarctica continent, which she ran from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s. February 2020.
  • Diálogo Chino (in English) quotes Rémi in Environment in 2020. January 2020.



  • WATCH Rémi speaking (en français) at the 2nd Oceans Forum on Trade-Related Aspects of SDG14 at UN HQ in Geneva. July 2018.
  • Rémi signed an op-ed in Huffington Post – France on behalf of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC), prior to Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Australia. April 2018.
  • Rémi was interviewed by Sputnik news agency for one of their radio programmes out of Montevideo, Uruguay, to discuss the WTO ministerial conference (in Spanish). January 2018.
  • Inés was quoted in El Español and La Vanguardia (in Spanish) about electric fishing. January 2018


  • Inés wrote a piece in CTXT.ES on the role of islands in tackling the ocean and climate nexus (in Spanish). December 2017.
  • AUDIO: Rémi was the guest on Sergio Elguezábal’s Saturday radio show in Buenos Aires (in Spanish). December 2017.
  • VIDEO: Rémi facilitated a special session of the Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium in Buenos Aires, December 2017.
  • Rémi was quoted in News Deeply story: Last Tango in Buenos Aires, December 2017.The “Low Hanging Fish” campaign by Varda and BLOOM was referenced in a IISD/SDG Knowledge Hub Policy Brief, November 2017.
  • Rémi and Kelly are referenced and quoted in “An Ocean in Chains“, published by IISD. July 2017.
  • VIDEO: Watch Kelly’s and Rémi ‘s interventions at the conference Antarctica Today & Tomorrow (min. 44 and 1h51 respectively). June 2017.
  • Rémi and Kelly have co-authored an IISD opinion piece on linkages between the UN Ocean Conference (June 2017) and the WTO Conference (Dec 2017). February 2017.


  • Rémi authored an article on harmful fisheries subsidies, in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Trade & Environment 2016 Review “Fish Trade”, Part 3, December 2016.
  • Kelly was a contributor to Leonardo di Caprio’s documentary “Before The Flood” website: Nuclear is Not the Answer, October 2016.
  • Rémi and Inés authored “Climate change and the ocean: two faces of the same coin” in Tiempo de Paz (in Spanish), June 2016.
  • Rémi was interviewed by the Indian Ocean Observatory, February 2016.
  • Rémi addressed the role of civil society in climate change policy at a conference hosted by the Spanish Council of Engineers in Madrid (1:05:00), February 2016.



  • Kelly Rigg was featured in Forbes, September 2014
  • Rémi Parmentier’s article in Liaison Energie-Francophonie (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie): “Plongée en haute mer à Rio”(pp. 38-42, in French), April 2014


  • Kelly Rigg on RTCC: US adaptation promises mustn’t replace binding targets, November 2013
  • Women’s leadership will strengthen climate action, article by Kelly Rigg on RTCC September 2013
  • Women leaders convene to make a move on climate change, with a quote from Kelly Rigg on trust.org, September 2013
  • Why Are Women Left out of Climate Change Policy Making? Kelly Rigg quoted in the Earth Island Journal, September 2013
  • Kelly Rigg was featured in the March edition of Origin magazine (page 51), March 2013


  • On behalf of Pew, Rémi Parmentier was quoted in Le Figaro, EFE, SIPA-AP and Le Nouvel Observateur,among others, regarding the future of bluefin tuna,October 2012
  • “El otro Río+20: la hora de la Sociedad Civil”, in the magazine “Es Posible” (Spain), September 2012
  • Rémi Parmentier interviewed by Antonio Cerrillo in La Vanguardia,”Diccionario contra la Economía Gris”, June 2012
  • Rémi Parmentier interviewed by tcktcktck campaign the World Environmental Day, June 2012
  • Rémi Parmentier interview on Rio+20 process, “No se puede impulsar la Economía Verde y seguir apoyando la Gris”, June 2012
  • Kelly Rigg interview in Discovery News, How Gas and “Petrol” Prices Feel Different, May 2012
  • Mat Mcdermott, As Rio+20 Approaches, Pleas For Less Language Squabbling & More Respecting Indigenous Wisdom, May 2012
  • Rémi Parmentier  “Role and Impact of International NGOs in Global Ocean Governance”, chapter in “The Law of the Sea & Ocean Governance”, Ocean Yearbook 26, April 2012
  • Kelly Rigg, ABC Australia,“Climate deniers jump on the ABC’s “dog bites man” story”, April 2012
  • Interview with Rémi Parmentier: Retos Emergentes para el Sector Privado, ASLE magazine (Basque Country, Spain), March 2012
  • Pat Lichen, “Mariana Trench and the Nasty Little Agitator”, March 2012
  • Kelly Rigg interview in Global Green’s blog, March 2012
  • Rémi Parmentier’s Hub Talk announcement on Canal Solidario, February 2012
  • Interview with Rémi Parmentier by Efe Verde, February 2012
  • “Waking up to Climate Change”  Chapter by Kelly Rigg in OECD 2012 Yearbook, January 2012


  • Kelly Rigg’s commentary in Le Nouvel Observateur. Climat : incertitude totale à la conférence de Durban, December 2011
  • Kelly Rigg’s article “If Kyoto dies in Durban, it will be a death knell for the climate fight” The Guardian,October 2011
  • Rémi Parmentier “El atún rojo se vende más que se pesca” in Efe Verde , October 2011
  • Kelly Rigg on a panel at the Civicus World Assembly, September 2011
  • Varda Advocacy Teach-In held in Spain: How can NGOs influence international fora?, September 2011
  • Kelly Rigg with Hub Culture at Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony, September 2011
  • Kelly Rigg’s article in Daily Kos. Moving Planet: A Tale of Two Cities, September 2011
  • Rémi Parmentier’s commentary with Agence France Press. La Commission Baleinière Internationale en quête de transparence, July 2011
  • Interview on Green Patriot Radio of Kelly Rigg, Global Campaign for Climate Action.- February 2011
  • Oceans the new frontier – Chapter 10-1, A Planet for Life book series by the TERI Institute (India) and IDDRI (France).- January 2011
  • Kelly Rigg on a panel with Philippe Cousteau and Ted Turner at the Cancun Climate Conference, December 2010