Stichting Varda

Who we are

Stichting Varda was established in 2003 and aims to create maximum change for the benefit of people and the planet. It was founded by a group of campaigners who each had more than 20 years experience working in the environmental movement:

Rémi Parmentier


Kelly Rigg


Elaine Lawrence


Steve Sawyer

(1956 - 2019)

What we do

Beginning in 2020, Stichting Varda is working to provide support for projects and campaigns aimed at improving the environment, health, and/or social welfare. We  provide both financial and strategic support, on the basis of available funding from donors.

In general, our activities include:
– Developing, supporting and/or implementing specific projects which lead toward the improvement of the environment, health, and/or social welfare;
– Capacity building and sharing of expertise strategic advice;
– Providing funding to organisations with compatible goals, where appropriate.

Current projects

The Blue Food for Thought to Blue Food for Action project, Four new ideas for protecting the ocean. Our Fish is working to end overfishing and restore a healthy ocean ecosystem. By collaborating with others, and deploying robust evidence, Our Fish is calling for an end to overfishing as a critical and significant action to address the biodiversity and climate crises.

ANBI publications

General information:
– Name: Stichting Varda
– Contact: kelly(at)
– Location: Dufaystraat 8, 1075 GT Amsterdam, the Netherlands
– KvK number: 34191490
– RSIN number: 812323865


The Stichting is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the following members:
– Rémi Parmentier (Chair)
– Kelly Rigg (Secretary and Treasurer)
– Elaine Lawrence
– Julia Bala
– Wendy Bernfeld
Kelly Rigg serves as the coordinator and administrator of the Stichting.

Salary policy

Board members receive no compensation for their time. There are currently no paid staff members.

Financial reports

Board members receive no compensation for their time. There are currently no paid staff members.
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- 2020
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- 2022
- 2023

Annual activity reports

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